Installing The Game

To Install 4x4 EVO:

  1. Start the Windows 95/98/2000 or NT 4.0 operating system.
  2. Make sure all other applications on your computer are closed.
  3. Insert the 4x4 EVO CD into your CD-ROM drive. The 4x4 EVO Installation Menu should appear. If the installation menu does not appear within one minute after inserting the CD, double click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop. A window should open displaying all of your drives on your computer. Double click the CD-ROM icon into which you inserted the 4x4 EVO CD. A new window should appear showing all the files on the 4x4 EVO CD. Find the "setup" icon in the list and double click on it. The 4x4 EVO installation menu should appear.

Follow the instructions in the installation menu to install 4x4 EVO to your hard drive.

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