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Sacred Cats

Worship Bast Researched at Granary

Improvement Protects farms from vermin; farms produce food faster

Bubastis was the centerfor worship ofBast, the cat-headed Egyptian goddess offertility. Initially, her worship included the cats that inhabited her temples, but eventually extended to all cats. Cat worship was pragmatic for the Egyptians, for the cats protected theirgrain stores and homes from vermin and venomous creatures. Killing a cat was considered murder; a Roman living in Alexandria discovered this when he accidentally killed a cat and was subsequently pulled from his home into the street and lynched by an angry mob of Egyptians.

Scalloped Axe

Worship Ptah

Researched at Armory

Improvement IncreasesAxemen attack

The Egyptians were fond of the axe as a weapon and tool. Heavily ornamented axes have been discovered with the burialgoods ofimportant mummies. Scalloping added surface area to the head of an axe, making it stronger and able to deal more damage.

Serpent Spear

Worship Anubis

Researched at Barracks

Improvement Increases Spearmen attack

Viper, asp, and cobra—serpents were venerated by ancient Egyptians because they killed vermin around grain stores and were feared for the venom in their swift and frequently deadly bites.


Worship Ptah Researched at Temple

Improvement Decreases cost and build speed of farms

The shadufwas a simple but important invention consisting of a container made of animal skins or clay attached to a lever counterbalanced bystones. The container was used to lift water from the Nile River and dumped into canals for irrigation.

Skin of the Rhino

Worship Ra

Researched at Town Center Improvement Improves Villagers' hack and pierce armor

Rhinos are noted for their tough, thick hide. The skin even appears to be in armor-like plates. Add to that a large horn (or horns) on its nose and the rhinoceros is a fierce-looking creature indeed, ¡sis protectsyour laborers by toughening theirskin, making them less vulnerable to the attacks ofwild animals and enemies.

Slings of the Sun

Worship Sekhmet Researched at Armory, Barracks Improvement Increases Slinger damage against infantry

Ancient hunters used slings to kill orstun small prey, and while sling stones had the capacity to maim or kill, soldiers often used them simply to distract orharass enemies. Because archers relied on their range and aim, slingers could be very effective against them. Slingers didn't have to approach archers on foot, a deadly prospect, and the stones they hurled into a formation ofarchers wounded many, killed others, and certainly broke their concentration and threw off their aim.

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