Maneuvering subject to wind direction

When maneuvering, sailing boat captains had to take into account many particulars that are represented in this game.

The speed of a ship with sails set depends greatly on the ship's position relative to wind direction. This dependence is depicted in the figure on the left. The black arrow shows wind direction and colored sectors show possible ship movements.

The most favorable heading is at 20-30 degrees to the wind direction (sector 2), where the ship reaches full speed.

When moving perpendicular to the wind (sector 3) as well as moving downwind (sector 1) the ship's speed drops slightly.

When moving upwind (sectors 4 and 5), the ship loses much speed and maneuverability.

You should avoid sailing in upwind positions because your ship loses almost all of its ability to maneuver. Turning the ship (shown in the figure on the left) with red arrow would take much more time than the same maneuver in the opposite direction (blue arrow). If you need to move upwind, it is better to perform the maneuver with traverses (move in an "S-turn" pattern.

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