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The Events Window is a simple sequential text list of all the important events that are occurring within your range of sight. If you click on one of the events listed in the window, it will center your Main Window on the place where the event occurred. For events that occur off-screen (like Messages from other Wizards), clicking on their listing will bring up an entirely new window for you to examine. IMPORTANT: When you receive messages from other Wizards and from Spirits, you must click on their entry in the Events Window to bring them up! For now, just remember that you can click on the events listed here to center your view on them.

Below the listing of events are three icons with some numbers next to each. The first icon, a pile of gold, should be followed by a number plus (or minus) another number (for example, 250+17). This represents your total amount of stored gold, follow by how much gold you will either earn or lose at the end of the current turn. Gold is used to pay for city upgrades, building new combat units, hiring heroes, and paying the upkeep for your armies. The next icon, a deep blue crystal, is followed by a number plus (or minus) another number. This number represents your total stored Mana and your Mana income (or loss) at the end of the current turn. Mana is used for casting spells, paying upkeep on magically summoned creatures, and for some miscellaneous other minor tasks. The last icon, a bright blue and white star, is followed by a number/number (like 20/20). This represents your current / total number of magic Casting Points. Every time you cast a spell, it consumes Casting Points equal to the spell's Mana Cost. You can only cast your total number of Casting Points of spells each turn. Each new turn will automatically replenish your Casting Points up to, but never exceeding, your total Casting Points.

Middle Window and Options

The middle window is used for many different functions. When nothing else is selected, this window defaults to your Magic Options. IMPORTANT: To get rid of any other options window and bring up the Magic Options window, simply right- click on any space in the Main Window. You can cast spells by clicking on the Spells button, you can center your Main Window view on your Wizard by clicking the Center button, and you can change what spell or skill you are researching by clicking the Research button. The tab at the top of the Magic Options window labeled Active can be clicked to show what spells you, and what global/domain spells the enemy Wizards currently have active. The Active tab is important because it is where you go to cancel enchantment spells that you want to turn off. The Power tab in the upper right will show you a list of everything that is generating Mana for your empire. If you right-click on one of the listings in the Power tab, it will center your view on the source of power.

Clicking the Wizard tab simply takes you back to the default window if you were on the Active or Power tab. If you click on the Research button, you can change which spell or skill you are researching. You can switch between researching spells or skills by clicking either the Spells or Skills button in the research book. There is also a sliding bar on the left that shows how much of your Power is going to generating Mana and how much is generating Research. More Mana means you can cast and maintain more spells, more Research means you get new spells more quickly. Simply click the Close button to remove this window.

The Spells button from the Magic Options window is what lets you cast new spells. If you want to see what types of spells you can cast, click on the bookmarks named Global, Unit Enchantment, and Combat on the bottom-right page of the book. Any spell you can't cast will be grayed out. To exit this book, click on the bookmark shaped like an X attached to the bottom-right page. IMPORTANT: You cannot cast your spells anywhere on the map; you can only cast them within your domain. Put your Wizard in a city with a Wizard's Tower to increase his domain. Domains appear as colored borders surrounding your Wizards and Heroes in the Main Window.

You've probably noticed the five big icons to the right of where your Magic Options appear. These icons, from top to bottom, represent the Magic Options, Object Options, Realm Options, Diplomatic Options, and Game Options. The Magic Options will automatically come up whenever you don't have anything else selected, as well as whenever you right-click on a space in the Main Window. The Object Options will automatically pop-up every time you click on a unit, city, or other object in the Main Window.

The Realm Options is mainly just an informational tool. It has several choices that will give you information on your Treasury, Cities, Heroes, and Quests. For now, just remember: like other lists, you can right-click on most things in the lists to center your view on them. Using the Cities tab and the right-click method, you can quickly manage all of your cities.

The Diplomatic Options window will not have much information at the beginning of each scenario. Until you meet another Wizard, all you can do here is just see how your Race Relations are faring. When you meet new Wizards, their portraits will start to appear in the empty boxes and you can click on them and try to Negotiate. When you have your Wizard selected, you can see your personal info and Race Relations. Race Relations are important; they determine how much the 12 races in AoW2 like you. Happy faces mean they like you and are probably willing to help you. Neutral faces mean the race doesn't care for you one way or the other. Angry faces mean the race doesn't like you and will go out of its way to make you miserable. IMPORTANT: You can click on each race for a more in-depth description of why that race hates or likes you. Check out the section on diplomacy and race relations for more information on how to use the Diplomatic Options.

The last of the options list is the Game Options. From here, you can change some of the graphic, audio, and gameplay settings of AoW2. IMPORTANT: If you wish to prevent your units from moving automatically when you select them, turn off the Auto Move option in Game Options. Also, this is the menu for saving, loading, and exiting the game.

You can get rid of window in the same fashion as the other option windows: right-click on a space in the Main Window.

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