Exfondcn Unit Staistcs

When examining a Unit, you also see several other statistics. These also play a VERY important role in choosing the best unit for different situa tions. For instance, if you need to get a lot of units quickly, but do not have very much gold, you should go for Tier 1 Units since they tend to cost the least and have the lowest upkeep. Each statistic of a unit can have a pro found impact upon how you field your combat forces.

The race of a unit affects how friendly they will be to you. For instance, if you are the Dwarves and are at war with the Ores, but have good racial relations with the Elves, independent Elves will tend to want to join you, while Ores will want to fight you. If you are Neutral towards the Humans, yet you attack them, your racial relations with them will slowly dissolve, and they might declare war on you. It is very important to make sure that when you attack a Unit, you know whether you want good or bad diplo matic relations with that Race.

The Alignment of a Unit, and how you treat that Unit, also affects your diplomatic relations with that Unit. Good units tend to align themselves with other Good Units, while Evil units tend to fight Good Units. The Alignment of a unit can affect the likelihood that they will join with you.

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