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Welcome to the Age of Wonders title screen. From here you will be able to access the different Age of Wonders game styles.


^A scenario is a single Age of Wonders game played on one map. Each scenario stands alone; no continuous plot or faction is developed between scenarios (although many of the included Scenarios are part of the overall tale of the Valley of Wonders). Scenarios typically offer some customization and often support a varied choice of starting races. All multiplayer games are considered to be scenarios.


A campaign is a series of related scenarios. You may choose between two different factions to serve, the Keepers of the Faith or the Cult of Storms. Each faction will play out a different campaign but will develop the same storyline as the two vie for control of the Valley of Wonders. No matter which path you choose, you will be presented with many choices during the course of the scenario, and you'll have to make some judgement calls as to the direction your faction will follow. Between missions, you will have the opportunity to determine which of your troops continue on with you.


The tutorial is a short scenario specially designed to teach the basic interface and controls used in Age of Wonders. It is recommended you try the tutorial even if you are familiar with games similar to Age of Wonders.

Coad Cjamo

Select this button if you have a previously saved game of Age of Wonders that you would like to load. You will be prompted to select the directory location of your saved games and which saved game in the directory to load. The information displayed across the bottom from left to right is: number of players, map size, number of cities, and turns already played.

Eventually, you will need to leave Age of Wonders. When the time comes to leave the game, click on the exit button to return to your operating system.

Sconafîo ¿croon Information

Games played on a single computer allow for either one player versus up to eleven computer players, or Hot Seat play between human players. Hot Seat games must use the 'Classic' Turns style (Page 22).

When you are connected to the Internet (usually via your Internet service provider), you can play a scenario with other people online. You may use a mix of human and computer controlled opponents in Internet scenarios.

IPX LAN scenarios work like TCP Internet scenarios with the exception that you need to be connected to a local area network instead of the Internet to play with other humans.

In an E mail game, each human player takes a turn and then sends the see nario's saved game file to the next human player in an E mail file attach ment. Play by E mail games require Internet access AND access to an SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) mail server. The Simultaneous Turns style, as well as tactical combat, is not available in Play by E mail games.

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HEAT.NET is a free Internet based gaming community. HEAT.NET makes it easy to locate other Age of Wonders players and allows for easy setup of TCP Internet scenarios.

If you decide not to play a scenario, hit the Back to Title button to return to the Age of Wonders title screen.

S&ffing up Sc&nartos

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