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The "Magic" button on the row of buttons at the bottom of the screen will be your main interface for changing your magic settings. By clicking on the button, you will raise a small menu of magic options. There are 4 tabs on the menu:

Main: This shows your current power breakdown, and also what spell you are currently researching. You can click on the but tons beneath the two options to change your power structure, or select a new spell to research.

Spells: This tab shows the spells that are currently active and drain ing mana from you every turn, such as Summon spells and Unit enchantments. If you wish to regain the mana, or find the spell has lost its usefulness, you can highlight a spell and press the "Remove" button to cancel the spell.

Global: This tab shows the currently active Global enchantments and who owns them. You can also use the "Remove" button to can eel any Global enchantments of yours that are no longer use ful.

Power: This shows all the current sources of your power, from Heroes, Nodes and your Leader.

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