Waor CoVoij

Ciquid Jor'rn

Type Casting Cost

Unit Enchantment 30

Binds a unit to the Water plane, allowing it to swim, and reduc ing damage from physical attacks.

¬°Cjroat hiali

Type Casting Cost

Combat 32

During Combat, this spell will bring down a storm of hail over a small area of the map, damaging all units therein. Attack: 5 Damage: 5 Physical Damage hfoafing ShoWors

Type Casting Cost

Global 24

When cast on an area of the Global map, this spell restores the health of both the units and the land there, due to the restoring effects of the amazingly pure water.

fountain ofCifc

Type Casting Cost

City Enchantment 80

This spell transforms a city into a healing center, healing all units that enter the town to full health at the end of every turn.

Wafer C0V0C4

Wafer ' JV1 as ferj

Type Casting Cost

World Enchantment 360

When cast, all fire spells cost double, and thick mist obscures the sight of the spellcaster's opponents, halving vision for all enemies. A Water Elemental will appear at each Water Node, under the control of the player who owns the Node.


Type Casting Cost

World Enchantment 380

This powerful spell causes the rivers and oceans of the world to grow in size, resulting in flooding all across the map. While the floods won't penetrate city walls, all stacks of units that are on a section of the map when it becomes flooded will drown.


" JHlW

Wafer' cE(c>mc>ntcii~

Type Casting Cost

Summons 185

Summons a creature from the Water plane. The Water Elemental can swim and, due to it's liquid body, is immune to damage due to physical weapons.

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