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7 Commander j Place of production: Headquarters Cost: 60 food units, 1 living space (mounted: + 1 horse) Life energy: 130

Damage per blow: 15 (mounted or on foot) Character traits:

  • The commander can ride a horse.
  • You can have only one commander at a time. You cannot create a new commander unless the old one is dead.
  • The commander increases morale among all units within a certain range. The closer a unit is to its commander, the higher its morale. When the commander dies, the morale of all units drops. His own morale is dependent on how close he is to headquarters.

7 Frontiersman

ยก' Place of production: Headquarters Cost: 50 food units, 1 living space Life energy: 30 Damage per blow: 4

Character traits:

  • Gathers wood and gold resources
  • Builds and repairs all structures
  • Can commit robbery Upgrades: Rob, pickaxe 1+2, axe 1+2

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