In multi-player games, you can form an alliance with other players.

To change your diplomatic status with another player, press the Esc key on your keyboard during the game. Select Diplomacy from the in-game menu that appears. A list of all players participating in the game appears.

A Chat icon appears next to the name of each player. If it is illuminated, all messages you send using the chat module go to this player. If you would like to exclude one or more players from your chat sessions, single-click the chat icon. It turns gray, which means that the icon is inactive.

To the right of each player you will see two icons, one displaying a pair of smiling faces and the other a pair of frowning ones. Click the corresponding icon to indicate that this particular player is an ally or an enemy. The numeric field to the far right of each player displays the total score of that player at this particular point in the game.

You can send resources such as food, wood, gold and guns to allied players. To do this, activate the icon to the far right of a player to indicate that he should receive the resouces. Then click the icon corresponding to the resource you want to send. The resource is deducted from your account and credited to all players you chose as recipients. Food, wood and gold are always sent in packages of 100 units. Guns are sent in packages of two units.

You can also use the Diplomacy menu to chat with other players. To do this, type your comments in the input line and press the Enter key to send the message. To the right of the input line are icons that let you specify whether you want the messages to be sent only to your friends, only to your enemies or to all players.

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