Joining a multiplayer game

To join a multi-player game, select Join Multi-player game from the main menu and enter your player name in the screen that appears. Then click Next to confirm.

The computer displays a list of all multi-player games currently running on your network. Click a game in the list to select it and open the Multi-player meeting point screen.

Now click the People column to the right of your player name. Then choose your people by selecting an item from the menu that appears.

Click the red cross next to your player name to confirm your choices. The "X" turns into a green check mark, signaling that you have finished making your selections.

Note: The game cannot begin until you display the green check mark to confirm your selections.

Wait until the player who opened the multi-player game starts the game.

Note: If you want to chat with the other players during the game, press the Enter key at any time. This displays an input field where you can type a message. Press the Enter key again to send your comments.

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