Morale and experience

In addition to attack force and life energy, the morale and experience of your troops are determining factors in battle.


The morale of your units is influenced by your people's leader. As a general rule, the closer a unit is to its leader, the higher its morale. The leader of a people also has morale points that decrease the farther he moves away from the main structure.

The morale of idividual units ranges between 80 and 120 percentage points, depending on distance. This value directly influences the effectiveness of your military and civilian units. When the leader of your people dies, the morale of everyone else drops to the lowest possible value.

To find out how high your units' morale is, select a unit. Two graphic status bars appear above the unit. The upper one, which you already know, displays the unit's state of health. The second bar shows his morale. In this example, the unit's morale is quite low. Because morale can never drop below 80 or exceed 120 percentage points, the value shown here is roughly 95 percentage points.

You can check the unit's status menu for the exact morale points.

This example shows a Native American warrior with a morale of 113 percentage points.

Note: In some situations during the missions, you can win only if your leader accompanies your troops into battle, thereby raising their fighting spirit.


The experience of your units depends on the length of time they perform a certain task. The experience of new units begins at 0 percent and increases slowly if they perform their duties successfully. For example, your leader's experience increases the more enemy units he kills. Experience directly influences the effectiveness of your units.

This symbol in the status menu shows the exact number of experience points.

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