Robbing and stealing

There are always people who will risk their necks for a fistful of dollars. In America, you can relieve your opponents of their hard-earned gold.

There are two ways to do this: You can either rob enemy missions, banks or gold warehouses or steal your opponent's gold transports.


Players automatically increase their gold supplies by building banks and missions since they pocket the interest/donations. Yet this source of income is not without its risks. Every people has units who specialize in robbing these gold depots.

The thieves disappear into the bank (or mission or gold warehouse) and leave it soon afterwards carrying bags of gold. This capability lets you access your opponent's entire gold reserves.

.*} To rob a bank, gold warehouse or mission, send a unit with robbing skills to

I,' the structure by right-clicking the building. J

The following units have the ability to commit robbery:

  • Native Americans: warriors and travois after upgrading in the camouflage school
  • Mexicans: field workers and transport wagons after upgrading in the cantina
  • Outlaws: outlaw, gunslinger, mounted gunslinger, flat-bed wagon without upgrading
  • Americans: frontiersman, covered wagon and stagecoach after upgrading in the sheriff's office


The second way to get your hands on your opponent's gold or even guns is to steal them. This turns an enemy transport into your own. Only special units among each people have the ability to steal.

To steal an enemy transport vehicle, the unit capable of stealing only has to hang around next to one of your opponent's vehicles for a short while. The wagon then changes to your color, and you can manipulate it.

The following units can steal transport vehicles:

  • Native Americans: arrow shooters and mounted arrow shooters without upgrading
  • Mexicans: gauchos and mounted gauchos after upgrading in the cantina
  • Outlaws: barbers and mounted barbers without upgrading
  • Americans: cowboys and mounted cowboys after upgrading in the sheriff's office

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