Starting a singleplayer campaign

In America you can guide one of four peoples—Native Americans, Mexicans, Americans or outlaws—through the Wild West. Every people has its own campaign, and each campaign consists of several missions. To play these campaigns, select Start single-player campaign from the main menu.

First you need to log on as a player. To do this, enter your player name in the input line at the upper right of the screen and click the Create new player button to confirm.

The next time you start the program, just select your name from the list at the left edge of the screen. Now check the field beneath the Create new player button to see your player status. In this example, "Red Cloud" was created as a new player and can therefore play only the first mission in each campaign. Click OK to confirm your player selection.

The Campaign menu lets you load a saved game or select a campaign. The first of these is the Native American campaign, followed clockwise by the American, outlaw and Mexican campaigns. The buttons for the four tutorial missions are arranged around the icon for the Native American campaigns.

Left-click one of the icons to select the campaign or tutorial you want to play.

Note: It is a good ideal to start with the Native American campaign because it provides the best introduction to the special features of the game. The tutorial missions are an excellent way to learn the basic game functions. The first two tutorials will help beginners familiarize themselves with the features of a real-time game of strategy, while tutorials 3 and 4 provide an introduction to the basics of establishing economic and military power in America.

Now select the mission you want to play. New missions appear only after you have successfully completed earlier ones. You can, of course, replay completed missions at any time.

You can also select one of four levels of difficulty for each mission. To do this, click the level of difficulty displayed. This opens a selection box where you can set the enemy AI to very easy, easy, medium and difficult.

Selecting a mission activates the campaign introduction, which you can cancel at any time by pressing the Esc key. This is followed by an explanation of the historical background of your mission. Please listen to this carefully.

My son, this is the day you become a wamor. And you know that a warrior bears great responsibility. The safety of our squaws and children depends an his wisdom and decisions. The welfare of the whole tribe depends on his strength and power.

And this has never been truer than now, The great battle with the Mila Haske, the Long Knives, is upon us, So let me tell you about the great deeds of the Sioux, so you may learn-from both their wisdom and their mistakes..,

It was in the month of the red cherries, in the year of the great starvation. Ta-oya-te-duta, Little Crow, was our chief. The Sioux had signed a treaty with White Father in Washington. We left the territory of our fathers For a ship of miserable land, which the whites called a "reservation." The white men gave us food and goods. Many Sioux braves cut their hail-, worked in the fields, and abandoned the customs of their ancestors.

While the audio is running, you can examine the displayed map. It shows the main geographic features confronting you during your mission. Click Next to start playing the mission.

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