The easiest way to play multiplayer AquaNox over the Internet is via GameSpy Arcade:

how to play aquanox in gamespy arcade

With GameSpy Arcade, which is included conveniently on your game's CD ROM, AquaNox can be played online as well. If you haven't already done so, please insert the CD and install GameSpy Arcade. Follow the installation instructions to create a GameSpy ID and password. To play AquaNox online, follow these instructions:

s ta rt gamespy and go into the aquanox ROOM:

Click on the GameSpy Arcade link in your start menu. When the program starts, you'll be prompted to login your GameSpy ID and password. At this time you may be prompted to upgrade or patch your GameSpy Arcade application to the newest version. We recommend that you do so. After login, you'll see a list of games and many more interesting things on the left-hand side. There are a lot of things you can do here, but you can explore these later! To enter the AquaNox room, click on the AquaNox button on the left-hand side located under the tab Games. You may have to scroll the left-hand side window or collapse the other tabs.

note: If GameSpy Arcade does not display a Games tab on the left-hand side window, make sure you have the game installed (p. 7 Installation) and do a scan to add AquaNox to GameSpy Arcade. To scan, select the GameSpy menu and click on Scan for Games...

find or create an aquanox game:

Upon entering the AquaNox room you can meet and chat with other players, find servers or start one yourself. Displayed in the upper half of the AquaNox room window is a list of available servers with the respective amount of players. There you can read your own connection speed, measured in "ping". The lower your ping number, the better for your game. You don't like any of the available servers? Then just click the button Create Server to start your own server, and wait for others to join. (A funny server name, such as "Smell my dipole converter!" will often attract more players.) In any other case just pick a server and double-click on its name to join the game.

joining or starting a game:

As soon as you've double-clicked on a server name or started a new game, you will enter a kind of backstage room. Here, you can speak to your fellow players and prepare for the fight. As soon as you're prepared, click on the button Ready in the upper part of the screen. Once every player has done so, the host can start the game. GameSpy Arcade will then start AquaNox and the battle can begin!

important: If you play using the GameSpy profile, multiplayer (mouse) will be activated. You can change this GameSpy profile like any other profile. To

edit your GameSpy profile: select GameSpy>Edit Profile...


If you have problems with the registration or installation of GameSpy Arcade or with any other aspect of AquaNox, check out our website at An e-mail form is also available under

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