• Player 1: Select which device will be used to control player 1's team. For a one or two player game, select mouse (default), keyboard, or gamepad (if installed). For a spectator game, select Computer.
  • Player 2: Choose mouse, keyboard, computer (default) or gamepad (if installed) for Player 2 head-to-head control. Select a controller type different than the computer's or Player 1's for a Two-Player game.
  • Details: Click to learn button assignments of gamepad, keyboard or mouse. To change configuration of the mouse from 1-Button Mode to 2-Button Mode, click two button. (Note: 2-Button mouse configurations only available on PC).

For detailed descriptions of how each controller is configured, see the Gameplay section.

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In Season Play, you can coach your team through an 18-game season in the Backyard Basketball Association. To start a season you must first create a Coach identity. Begin by clicking on the "New Coach" button in the "Season Play" screen. Enter a coach name in the "Enter Coach Name" dialog box and click "Done."

You are then taken through the following screens. Click "Season Setup" to go to the next screen in order, or click on any of the subheadings below to skip directly to that section:

Season Setup > Options > Create Team > Draft Players > Team Info Page > Team Strategy

Once you've successfully created a season team, the next time you return to the Sign-In screen you your coach name will appear in the list, along with your team name, your record, and your status within your season. To resume your season, you can click on your coach name and then click on the "Forward" button, or you can simply double-click on your coach name.

You can delete a coach by selecting the coach name you want to delete, then clicking on the "Delete Coach" button. Proceed to Season Setup >>


These are preferences or rules that are set before the season begins, and cannot be modified once the user has passed this screen.

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