About The Add Game

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game is a role playing system that allows players to explore worlds of fantasy and high adventure - one of the myriad of AD&D worlds is the Forgotten Realms, the world in which Baldur's Gate II takes place. The world you are entering is a complex one, but it is said that artificial assistants called computers, in other worlds, have been invoked at times to simplify things. Defining such a vast world in even a series of intricate tomes would be difficult, but for the sake of brevity we have summarized things in the span of a few pages. This is by no means easy, but we outline some of the major features of the rules and how they may have been interpreted by the computer scribes below. You don't have to know much about the AD&D game rules to play Baldur's Gate II (the computer takes care of that for you), but it is helpful. Accordingly, most of the AD&D rules have been summarized and in places explained how they may have been revised slightly to apply to the game of Baldur's Gate.

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