Alignment has less affect on actual game play than reputation does. A character's starting alignment determines a starting reputation. Alignment is the backbone of who your character is and what he or she represents, and reputation is the practical application of those beliefs. If your reputation does not match with your alignment, your character may suffer consequences. Characters who join your party may or may not agree with the current reputation of the party based on their alignment, or may decide they are unhappy with the party reputation while you are playing. A player who starts with a paladin or a ranger has to watch his reputation very carefully. If at any time the party's reputation falls below 6, the character will lose his status as a paladin; or in the case of a ranger, the loss of abilities will occur at a reputation of 4. In either case, if the reputation of the party falls below the acceptable level, that character will become a fighter. A paladin or ranger who loses that status cannot regain it.

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