In Amn, the northernmost of the Empires of the Sands, wealth is prized above all else. Merchant trade drives Amnian society and the people of the land are given to ostentatious displays of riches in their clothing, homes and frequent feasts. Obvious affluence is the key to improving and maintaining one's station in the Merchant Kingdom, as Amn is commonly known. Here everyone truly believes that money is the root of all power and the kingdom of Amn seeks to dominate the Realms through its trade and economic influence. The Amnian authorities regard mages and the practice of magic with dark suspicion that can easily turn to open hostility and the wise wizard will exercise the utmost discretion while travelling through these lands. Recently Amn was brought to the brink of war against its Northern neighbor, the city of Baldur's Gate. Fortunately, the machinations of Sarevok, a mortal offspring of the God of Murder, were thwarted and war was averted; however, relations between the two states remain strained.

A low profile is best for mages there... I myself travel incognito through the Merchant lands — no easy task for one as famous as I! - Volo

Even I would hesitate before breaking the Amman- moratorium on unregulated

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