Athkatla The Docks

limited to a single city and they range the length of the Sword Coast from Luskan to Calimport. The Shadow Thieves are based in Athkatla, in Amn (south of Baldur's Gate), where they have a massive training complex and a testing ground for the assassins they sponsor. This group was once the thieves guild of Waterdeep, until they were driven out of that city by the Lords of Waterdeep. This secretive organization appears to have reached some sort of agreement with the merchant lords of Amn, though no one knows of the agreement's contents. Under this pact, the merchant lords leave the Shadow Thieves alone and are in turn left alone. The Shadow Thieves operate up and down the Sword Coast; their trademark is a black silk mask impaled upon a stiletto blade (usually used in assassinations, or left behind at the scene if a garrotte or poison is employed instead). No names, descriptions, or even numbers of Shadow Thieves are known; extremely experienced operators are thought to be few.

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