The capital city of Athkatla is the most influential and important city in Amn and as such is a breeding ground for plots, intrigue and betray-al—with loyalty going only to the highest bidder. Power in Athkatla is shared (though not willingly) between the official government and the local thieves' guild. The anonymous Council of Six have ruled Amn for the past three decades through political machinations and economic coercion. The Council are known only by their titles (the Meisarch, the Tessarch, the Namarch, the Iltarch, the Pommarch and the Dahaunarch) and revealing one of the councilors true identities is punishable by slow torture and death. The Shadow Thieves also wield considerable influence in the city, though recently many of the guild's members have been defecting to a rival, and as yet unnamed, organization.

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