Character Record And Associated Screens

Character Record: The character record screen shows all of the vital statistics and abilities of the currently selected character.

Dual-Class: This page is available to human characters only - after 2nd level you can convert a character to dual-class. When the player chooses dual-class, a dual-class interface screen will come up from which he will choose the new class for the selected character. Characters not allowed dual-class status include paladins, rangers, and druids. The character must meet the minimum requirements for the new class in all areas. The dual-class page is very similar to the character generation page - and, in fact, making a character dual classed can be seen as essentially starting a character over. As a new dual-classed character, he starts with only the lst-level abilities and restrictions of his new class, though he retains his hit point total from his prior class. After a character becomes dual-classed, he can only use the abilities of his new class until he surpasses the level of his original class, at which point he can freely use the abilities of either class. No further advancement is ever allowed in the first class, all further development is in the new class.

NOTE: You are only allowed to have one kit in Baldur's Gate II. When you first create your character, you choose his kit. When you dual class your character, you DO NOT get to choose a new kit.

Level Up: This button is dimmed until the player gains enough experience points to gain a level (This is indicated on the portrait by a "t" symbol). When the player clicks the "Level-Up" button, a level up screen will be shown. All changes to the character sheet are highlighted. For a thief or bard, the player must distribute new thieving points. A new proficiency slot requires a player to choose a weapon proficiency What has changed is also shown in the level up screen. Modifiers to your

Character Record: The character record screen shows all of the vital statistics and abilities of the currently selected character.

THAC0, saving throws etc. will all be displayed here upon leveling up.

Information: This page allows you to compare how the various characters in your party are playing. Various stats such as number of kills and favorite weapon are displayed.

Reform Party: This page allows you to remove characters from your party

Customize: This page allows you to change a character's appearance, change his voice, change his clothing colors, or change his scripts (the computer code that controls behaviors/reactions to situations). For more information on customized character portraits, character voices or scripts, refer to the information in the "Readme" file.

Export: This allows you to save a 'snapshot' of the character's file to your computer for use in a multi-player game. The character's current status will be saved, including hit points, experience points, level, class, inventory, etc.

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