Configuration Of The Game

To enable 3D support and to change your resolution or hot key assignments, you will need to run the Configuration Program.

  1. You can do this by clicking on the Configure button on the Autorun or by running the BGConfig.exe from the Start Menu or from the root install directory Running this program brings up a menu with three tabs: Basic, Advanced and Hot Keys.
  2. The Basic tab should be used by those that want the game to automatically configure itself for optimal use on varying models of computers. For those that have more in depth knowledge, of their systems, please feel free to adjust the options under the Advanced tab to manually configure your computer.
  3. Under Advanced you will also find 3D Options and you can manually adjust your game resolution here as well.
  4. Under the Hot Keys tab you can customize your keyboard layout.

NOTE: A useful set of keyboard mappings are the options to hide the user interface panels. You can hide the panels using the default H,Y or U keys.

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