Cowled Wizards

The Cowled Wizards are a mysterious group of immensely powerful mages operating throughout Amn. Ordinary citizens cannot even hope to fathom the political goals and alliances of this arcane organization, although their power and influence certainly puts them on even terms with the Shadow Thieves and even the Council of Six. The Cowled Wizard's official function in Amnian society is to regulate and control the use of all magic within the Merchant Empire and the general population's inherent distrust of magic is reflected in the stringent prohibitions enforced by the group. Spellcasters foolish enough to practice their art in Amnian lands will undoubtedly receive a visit from the Wizards. If the mage is lucky, the first offense will warrant only a warning; if unlucky The Cowled Wizards often imprison rogue magic users (and the occasional political prisoner) in Spellhold, a magically secured "asylum" located on an island near the city of Brynn Law.

Such organizatiom- give Wizards like me a bad name! - Vdo

Your bad name to ypuT own doing. - E/mtnoteT

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