Dispel Magic Abjuration

Range: Sight of caster Saving Throw: None

Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: 30-foot cube

Duration: Instant

A Dispel Magic spell removes magical effects upon anyone within the area. This includes effects given from spells, potions and certain magical items. It does not, however, affect magical items themselves. The chance of the dispel succeeding is determined by the level of the caster and the level of the magic being dispelled. The base chance of successfully dispelling is 50%. If the caster is higher level than the creator of the effect to be dispelled, 5% per level is added to the chance of success. If the caster is lower level, 10% per level is subtracted from the chance of success.

A mo&CuSefui SpeM for freeing oneself and one's friends from the effects of unde-

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