Drizzt Dourden

(Dritst Doe-URR-den) Drizzt Doeurdenthe dark elf (Chaotic Good, drow elf male, ranger 15th level). A renegade drow ranger who has escaped the oppressive regime of his underground homeland, Drizzt Do'Urden is among the most famous of drow in the Realms owing to his deeds on the surface. He may be found abroad while engaged in acts of daring, particularly in rolling back the tribes of goblins and evil humans in the North. His fame and hatred of his former homeland has made him a target of other drow who hope to earn favor with their evil goddess Lloth by killing the renegade. Drizzt wears mithril chain mail +4, a gift of King Bruenor. He wields two magical scimitars simultaneously These scimitars are Icingdeath, a frostbrand +3, and Twinkle, a defender +5, which glows when enemies are near. His most prized possession is a figurine of wondrous power of an onyx panther. The panther's name is Guenhwyvar. He doesn't use the panther unless severely taxed, as he is limited to using it for a certain period of time each day.

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