Earthquake Alteration

Range: 120 yards Saving Throw: 1/2

Casting Time: 1 round Area of Effect: Special Duration: 3 tremors

When this spell is cast by a priest, a local tremor of fairly high strength rips the ground. The shock is over in several rounds. The earthquake affects all creatures in its area of effect. There are three tremors that are caused by the earthquake. The first tremor causes all creatures affected to suffer 6d6 points of damage (save vs. spell at a -6 penalty for half damage). Those who fail their saving throws fall to the ground for four rounds and drop their weapons. The second tremor is less severe, causing 3d6 points of damage (save for half at a -2 penalty). Those failing the saving throw will also drop their weapons. The final tremor causes 2d6 damage (save for half) and if the saving throw is failed they will drop their weapons. This spell will affect both enemies and friends of the caster, so care must be taken in its use. Finally, Earth Elementals dislike mere mortals toying with the land and there is a small chance that casting this spell will causes an Earth Elemental to appear. This elemental will attack the party.

A pretty young tass of the Datetands once accused me of casting a minor version of this spelt in her bed! - Voto

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