Effects Of Fatigue

Your characters have to rest every so often, both to memorize spells as well as to gain back their strength. If your characters start complaining that they are tired, it would be prudent to stop and make camp for the night. Go to all characters' priest or mage spell pages, and after configuring any spells that you want to memorize, click on the "rest" icon. You will rest for eight hours, unless your sleep is interrupted, and awaken refreshed. If your party was injured, party members will gain a few hit points every time they rest.

Note: If you have the "rest and heal" option turned on, you will gain full hit points and rest longer.

A character can continue to operate at peak efficiency for 24 hours game time (2 hours real time). After this time, the characters will start to complain of fatigue and for every 4 hours beyond this 24 hour mark the player will receive a -1 luck penalty (-1 to all of their rolls). As soon as the characters rest, all of their penalties will be removed. Note: Characters resting in rented rooms while visiting an Inn will heal more or less based on the quality of the room. Also, characters with high constitution will have to rest less often than characters with low constitution.

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