Experience Points For Multi And Dual Classed Characters

Multiclassed characters (non humans) have multiple classes that are defined when they are created. They gain in levels in either two or three classes for their entire careers and can use the abilities of any of their classes at any time. Experience points are evenly divided among all of their classes and they gain in levels according to the experience point tables for each class. Dual-classed characters choose to focus on a second career at some point. At this point they stop gaining levels in their original class, and start gaining levels in a new class. They cannot, however, use any of the abilities of their old class until they have gained at least one more level in their new class than in their old class. After this point, they can choose freely between the abilities of each class. The available abilities for both multi- and dual classed characters are shown by the available buttons at the bottom of the main interface screen when that character is selected. There is one proviso for both multi- and dual-classed characters, however - if they are wearing armor or using weapons that are not allowed by one of their classes, their abilities in that class are disabled (dimmed) until they stop wearing that armor or using that weapon.

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