Famous Characters Ribald

(RYE-bahld) Ribald (Chaotic Neutral, half-elf male fighter/mage 11th/12th level) is one of the most famous retired adventurers in Athkatla, having served with several parties over his many years and having traveled over half the breadth of Faerun. The exact nature of his adventures is unknown, but Ribald has been known to remark on battles with beholders or orc armies as off-handedly as one might speak of the weather. Upon his retirement in his home city where he is best known, Ribald opened a store called 'the Adventure Mart' within the great marketplace known as Waukeen's Promenade. Items of almost any sort, from the mundane to the exotic, may be found within Ribald's store... and the man, himself, is often a font of helpful information and advice.

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