The fighter is a champion, swordsman, soldier, and brawler. He lives or dies by his knowledge of weapons and tactics. Fighters can be found at the front of any battle, contesting toe-to-toe with monsters and villains. A good fighter needs to be strong and healthy if he hopes to survive. Special Abilities: Advanced Weapon Specialization Restrictions: None

BERSERKER (Fighter Kit)

This is a warrior who is in tune with his animalistic side and, during combat, can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable him to fight longer, harder and more savagely than any human has a right to. Berserkers tend to be barbarian-like in nature, but not always. Sometimes it is a conscious choice that a warrior in training makes.

Special Abilities: Berserker rage.

Restrictions: Cannot specialize in ranged weapons.


This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and attacking spellcasters of all kinds.

Special Abilities: Magic resistance, spell disruption.

Restrictions: May not use any magic items except for weapons and armor

KENSAI (Fighter Kit)

This class is also known as the "Sword Saint", and consists of a warrior who has been specially trained to be one with his sword. They are deadly, fast and trained to fight without encumbrance. Special Abilities: High combat bonuses, master of one-on-one combat. Restrictions: Cannot wear armor, gauntlets or bracers. Cannot use missile weapons.

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