Find Familiar Conjuration Summoning

Range: 0 Saving Throw: Special

Casting Time: 1 round Area of Effect: 1 familiar

Duration: Special

This spell enables the caster to attempt to summon a familiar to act as his aide and companion. Familiars are typically small creatures. A creature acting as a familiar can benefit a wizard, conveying its sensory powers to its master, conversing with him, and serving as a guard/scout/spy as well. A wizard can have only one familiar at a time, and he has no control over what sort of creature answers the summoning, if any come at all.

(Note: This spell may only be cast by the protagonist.)

The creature is always more intelligent than others of its type (typically by 2 or 3 Intelligence points), and its bond with the wizard confers upon it an exceptionally long life. The wizard has an empathic link with the familiar and can issue it mental commands.

The caster receives half the familiar's total hit points as bonus hit points. However, the caster must take care to treat his familiar good, for if the familiar should die, the caster loses the bonus hit-points and half the familiar's hit-points again as damage. The caster also loses 1 point of constitution permanently.

Example: A mage has 12 hit points and casts Find Familiar. The imp summoned has 18 hit points, so the caster gets a bonus of 9 hit points. If the familiar dies, the caster loses those 9 points bringing him back to 12. The caster takes 9 damage and loses a point of constitution permanently, and any hit points gained from it..

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