General Notes Concerning Multiplayer

When you are playing a multiplayer session, keep in mind the following notes:

  1. Asynchronous: Baldur's Gate II is an asynchronous game. If you happen to be playing with somebody whose system is very close by, you may see slightly different things happen on each system. The point to remember is that while things happen somewhat differently, the result of the actions is always the same.
  2. Explorable Area: When playing a multiplayer game of Baldur's Gate II, you are limited to exploring one area in the game at a time. That is, the characters in the game can only spread out within the same above ground area. While they can enter structures and underground areas individually, they cannot travel to other above ground areas until all characters are at the edge of the area and ready to move on.
  3. Loading Time: The loading time for any given level is slightly longer while playing multiplayer. This is because the interiors for each level must be loaded along with the exteriors for each area. The single player game does not need to do this, so loading is faster. Also, the multiplayer game is forced to wait for the system that loads the area the slowest.
  4. Party Gold: Just as in the single player game, all gold is shared between the members of the party.
  5. Shared Experience: Just as in the single player game, all characters in the party share in the awarding of experience points.
  6. The Leader is in Charge: In case you haven't figured it out by now, the leader has control over everything that the player can do in the game, including kicking them out and reassigning their characters to other players. Make sure that the leader is playing the type of multiplayer game that you want to play. That is to say, if you want a hacked game, join that kind of game or start it up; if you want a clean game according to AD&D rules without interference from hacked or edited characters or players who don't want to play as a team, then you need to find those players.
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