Healing And Hit Points

Once a character is wounded, the player should naturally want to get him healed. Characters can heal either by natural or magical means.

Natural healing is slow, but it's available to all characters, regardless of class. Magical healing may or may not be available, depending on the presence (or absence) of spellcasters or magical devices. The only limit to the amount of damage a character can recover through healing is the maximum hit points the character has.

(Note: some necromantic spells can improve maximum hit points, but only for a limited period of time. )


Characters heal naturally at a rate of several hit points per period (eight hours) of rest. Rest is defined as low activity. If a character rests in a comfortable room in an inn, he or she will recover progressively more hit points the better the room - but of course this costs more. Camping in the wilds will allow for memorization of spells, but will not allow many hit points to be regained. Resting is only possible when there are no enemies within visible range of your party - if there are, you must move away, or make them your friends (Charm, dialogue, etc.) before you can rest. Some creatures may attack your party while resting; if this happens, you will not heal or memorize spells.


Healing spells, potions, and magical devices can speed the process of healing considerably. The specifics of such magical healing methods are described in the spell descriptions below. By using these methods, wounds close instantly and vigor is restored. The effects are immediate. Magical healing is particularly useful in the midst of combat or in preparation for a dangerous encounter. Remember, however, that the characters' opponents are just as likely to have access to magical healing as the characters - an evil high priest is likely to carry healing spells to bestow on his own followers and guards. Healing occurs to the maximum hit point total for a given character only, never beyond this. Note: If you select the "Rest Until Healed" Option on the options page, your character will rest until healed, casting their healing spells in the process.

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