Hiding The Main Interface

You are able to configure the main interface to match your play style, minimizing sections of the interface that you do not use often (or to which you have mastered the 'hot keys'). At the top right and left corners of the main screen, you will find buttons that minimize the panel to which they correspond. When the panel is minimized, a button appears at the bottom corner of the screen; this button will bring the panel back up. The default hot keys for minimizing (and resetting) the panels are 'y' for the left panel and 'u' for the right panel.

You can also use the 'h' key to hide all of the panels. When this is done, you can bring it back by either pausing the game or hitting 'h' again. When the 'h' key is used, you can play Baldur's Gate II in full screen mode.

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