How To Install And Start Playing

To install Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, first insert the CD-ROM labeled Baldur's Gate II Disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive and follow the onscreen instructions. If your Autorun is not enabled, click on the icon representing your CD-ROM Drive under 'My Computer'. This will bring up a listing of the files on Baldur's Gate II Disc 1. Find Baldur.exe and double click to launch the install application. After installing the game, other options will be available on the launching menu:

View Readme: The readme file contains last minute information and changes that could not be printed in this manual. Please take the time to view the readme file if you are having any problems with this product.

Register: Please take the time to register Baldur's Gate II with Black Isle Studios. Your feedback is appreciated and will put you on the mailing list for special offers and game promotions.

Exit: Will close the launch window.

View Demos: Demos of other Black Isle Studios products have been included with Baldur's Gate II. Please see the Readme file for descriptions and instructions on how to run them.

Configure: The hotkeys used while playing Baldur's Gate II can be modified using this utility Select the hotkey you would like to change and enter the new hotkey assignment.You can also changethe resolution and configure your 3D card here as well.

Play: After you have everything set, click on the Play button to begin playing. After viewing the logo and introduction movies, select "Single Player" and "New Game" to go directly into Character Creation and begin your adventure in Amn! To start playing again later, select the Baldur's Gate II application from the Black Isle Studios program group in your start menu.

Uninstall: When you're ready, the Uninstall option will remove BG2 game files except your saved games.

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