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Welcome to the Interplay Web! As a company dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality interactive entertainment software, we are always striving to stay as close as possible to the leading edge of technology.This Web site is the latest example of our ongoing effort to provide a wealth of information and opportunities to you. As a company of fanatic gamers, we love the idea of gamers all over the world tapping into cyberspace to see, touch and feel our latest games. No hype, no marketing campaign; just great games. To make it work, our goal is to keep this site fresh and new, to make it a place where you can tell US what you like about our games... and what you don't like about them. So use the feedback options on these pages and sound off. Enjoy your visit in our Web site, explore all the different areas we have to offer, and come back soon. Check us out in the weeks and months ahead; we will be introducing new and exciting areas for you to experience.

Once again, welcome. Brian Fargo, C.E.O.

Interplay's World Wide Web site is an Internet service designed to give you the latest information about Interplay and our products. This site features our demos, upgrades, product information and ordering information. This website is not intended for technical support, but to offer new machines and the latest product information. For technical support, please contact Interplay as described in the Technical Support section.

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Looking for a quick, easy way to get your favorite Interplay games? Well, look no can now order directly from Interplay. Just turn on your computer and go to... This is your one-stop shop for everything Interplay. Buy the hottest new releases or maybe get a copy of that hard-to-find game that you've been looking for. Purchase some ultra-cool merchandise; or make a bid on a unique collectible in the Online Auction. All this, seasonal specials and much more. So don't delay... go to and get shopping!

HOW TO GET THERE: From your Internet account, point your favorite browser to:

HOW TO GET THERE: From your Internet account, point your favorite browser to:

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