Large Swords

Long Sword: These swords are usually referred to as doubled-edged swords, war swords, or military swords. In many cases, the long sword has a single-edged blade. There is no single version of the long sword, and they vary in length from 35 inches to 47 inches. In the latter case, the blade is known to take up as much as 40 inches of the total length. Most long swords have a double-edged blade and a sharp point at the tip. Despite the tip, the long sword is designed for slashing, not thrusting.

Two-Handed Sword: The two-handed sword is a derivative of the long sword. The blade was lengthened to 6 feet or more, and the handle extended. Two hands became necessary to properly swing the sword.

Bastard Sword: Also known as the hand-and-a-half sword, the bastard sword derives its name from the fact that it is halfway between the two-handed sword and the long sword. The bas tard sword has a double-edged blade and a long grip. The overall length of the bastard sword ranges between four feet and four feet ten inches.

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