Left Menu Buttons

The buttons down the left side of the interface give you direct access to the various interface screens in the game. The buttons are as follows:

Return to Game


Equipment (Inventory)

Character Record Page Wizard Spells Priest Spells Options

Each of these buttons will take you directly to the interface screen for the character selected. If the entire party is selected, the appropriate screen for the party leader will come up.

Rest: From many of the interface screens, a Rest button will be available in place of the Select All and AI On/Off buttons. When you select Rest and confirm, time will pass in the game and your characters will heal and regain their spells. When the party rests, characters that have healing spells memorized will cast them on the most injured party members automatically. In the options page, you will find a setting called 'Rest until healed'. If you turn this on, then when you rest, time will pass until your party is fully healed. Be careful when you use this; if you have a time based quest, you might sleep right through it!

Don't forget to decide which spelts to memoii/ze before letting! - Veto

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