Limited Wish Conjuration Summoning

Range: Unlimited Saving Throw: Special _

Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: Special

Duration: Special

The limited wish is a very potent but difficult spell. It will fulfill literally, but only partially or for a limited duration, the utterance of the spellcaster. Thus, the actuality of the past, present, or future might be altered (but possibly only for the wizard unless the wording of the spell is most carefully stated) in some limited manner. The use of a limited wish will not substantially change major realities. The spell can, for example, restore some hit points lost by the wizard. Greedy desires usually end in disaster for the wisher. Lastly, the wiser the wizard, the better chance that he will choose the right wording. Wizards with low wisdom will more often than not meet with disaster when asking for a wish.

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