Miscellaneous Information

Fatigue: A character can continue to operate at peak efficiency for 24 hours game time (2 hours real time). After that the characters will start to complain, and the characters' attributes begin to go down. For every

4 hours beyond this 24-hour mark the player will receive a -1 luck penalty (-1 to all of his rolls). As soon as the character rests all penalties will disappear.

A haste spell makes you fatigued... all that running around can t be good for you. - Veto

M, bUTmrW haste wonfhawe thus effect. - Clm\ir\ste4>

Intoxication: A character becomes intoxicated after he drinks enough alcoholic beverages. The average character will be able to drink about

5 alcoholic beverages before becoming intoxicated but this amount may vary depending upon the character's Constitution. Intoxicated characters gain a bonus to Morale, but a penalty to Luck. The greater the level of intoxication, the greater the bonus/penalty. The effects of intoxication diminish over time.

Infravision: Some characters and monsters have the power of infravision. Infravision allows you to see better in the dark by revealing the heat of objects. A character without innate infravision ability can obtain infravision through spells or magical items.

Effects of Wearing Armor on spells and abilities for dual or multiclassed characters:

Different buttons may be dimmed in the bottom panel depending on what your characters are wearing.

Even if a multi-class or dual-class wizard is wearing armor, he can still memorize spells, he just cannot cast spells until the armor is removed.

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