More Than Just Hack And Slash

As important as fighting is to the AD&D game, it isn't the be-all and end-all of play. It's just one way for characters to deal with situations. If characters could do nothing but fight, the game would quickly get boring - every encounter would be the same. Because there is more to the game than fighting, we'll cover much more than simple hack-and-slash combat here. In addition to explaining the basic mechanics of hitting and missing, there are rules for turning undead, special ways to attack and defend, poison, heroic feats and more. Remember that we follow a modified round based system - as described below. Everyone (characters, NPC's, monsters) is on their own personal initiative rounds. Any time you want you can pause the game (click on the clock or hit the space bar) and assign commands - then restart the game by unpausing, in the same way.

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