Mouse Buttons And Control Lclick Action

  • Selects a character or selects a portrait (if a character or group was selected before, this character or group is unselected and the new character is selected instead).
  • If the SHIFT key is held down while L-clicking on various characters on the field or on the portraits, multiple characters are selected.
  • If the CONTROL key is held down while L-clicking on unselected characters, the characters will be added to the current character selection.
  • Double click on a portrait centers the view on that character.
  • Presses interface buttons - selects action for the character: guard, talk, attack (click on weapon), etc.
  • Casts spells and uses items once they have been selected.
  • On terrain, walks selected character(s) to targeted location (note: use R-click to move and rotate in formation mode).
  • L-click and drag on terrain or portraits - selects multiple characters (creates draggable selection box).
  • Picks up items with current selected character(s). If more than one character is selected, the top-most portrait (the "leader") walks over to and picks up the item.
  • L-click and drag on a portrait moves that portrait in the group order - inserts into space between characters you move portrait to.
  • On the clock: pauses and unpauses the game.
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