The multiplayer game of Baldur's Gate II is identical to the single player game - at least in terms of the game content. The main differences between the single and multiplayer games relate to who is playing in the game - in the single player game, you create one character and up to five other NPC's join you. After they join, they are essentially characters fully under your control. In a multiplayer game, between one and six players may adventure together, cooperatively controlling both created characters and NPC's that join the party A few definitions are in order. The leader is the player who has control over such things as who can join, what kinds of characters can be brought into the game, and what abilities the players who are in the game actually have (in terms of game play - see Permissions, below). The leader can control one or more characters in the game and has the ability to assign characters to the other players. The server is the computer (usually, but not necessarily, the leader's) which coordinates the various game-states of the client machines of each player. A player is one of the people who controls one or more characters in the game. A character is an alter-ego, analogous to the characters of the single player game, which is controlled by one player in a multiplayer session.

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