Options: Save, Load, and Quit: These allow you to save games to your hard disk, discard your current game and load a previously saved game and quit to the main menu.

Graphics: Brightness/Contrast allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display. Color Depth allows you to toggle your display between 16 bit, 24 bit, or 32 bit color based on the capabilities of your system. The other graphic options on this page should be used only if Baldur's Gate II is not displaying correctly on your system. Please refer to the Readme file for the latest information on how to correct any display errors.

Sound: This menu allows you to independently adjust the volumes of various sounds in the game. Select Sounds allows you to toggle on/off some specific sound effects and set the frequency with which your characters verbally respond to your orders.


Tool Tip Delay adjusts how quickly the Windows Tool-Tip pop-up help appears. The left of the slider is the briefest period of time. Note: You can always make the tool tip appear instantly by hitting the "Tab" key

Mouse Scroll Speed adjusts how quickly the screen scrolls across the game world when the mouse is at the edge of the screen.

Keyboard Scroll Speed adjusts how quickly the screen scrolls across the game world when the Number Keypad arrow keys are used.

Difficulty adjusts hidden factors within the game to make the game more or less difficult. Note: There is an experience point penalty for reducing the difficulty of the game to easy. There is no bonus for playing more difficult games.

Dither Always: Allows your characters to dither through obstacles that would normally obscure them.

Gore: This toggles on/off the blood and 'excessive' damage and death animations in the game.

Feedback: Allows you to modify the frequency with which you see markers and locators in the game, as well as turning on and off the various messages that come up during the game.

Autopause: Allows you to set various conditions under which the game will automatically pause.

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