A paladin is a warrior bold and pure, the exemplar of everything good and true. Like the fighter, the paladin is a man of combat. However, the paladin lives for the ideals of righteousness, justice, honesty, piety and chivalry. He strives to be a living example of these virtues so that others might learn from him as well as gain by his actions. Special Abilities: Weapon Specialization, Lay Hands, Turn Undead, +2 all Saving Throws, Protection from Evil, Detect Evil Restrictions: Human only, must maintain Lawful Good alignment

CAVALIER (Paladin Kit)

This class represents the most common picture of the knight; the gentleman warrior who epitomizes honor, courage and loyalty. He is specialized in battling "classical" evil monsters such as demons and dragons. Special Abilities: Bonus to hit demons and dragons, immune to fear and poison. 20% resistance to fire/acid. Restrictions: Cannot use missile weapons.

INQUISITOR (Paladin Kit)

The Inquisitor has dedicated his life to finding and eliminating practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness and his god has provided him with special abilities towards that end. Special Abilities: Immune to hold and charm. True sight, dispel magic. Restrictions: May not use 'lay on hands' ability, may not cast priest spells, may not turn undead, may not use 'cure disease' ability.


This holy avenger has honed his abilities towards the destruction of the undead and other unnatural creatures and is immune to many of their more devastating abilities.

Special Abilities: Immune to hold and level drain. Bonus to hit and damage vs undead.

Restrictions: May not use lay on hands

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