Personal Initiative Rounds Speed Factors And Casting Times

In Baldur's Gate II, to allow for the realtime based combat and movement, each character and monster is on an independent personal initiative round, which is six seconds long. Within the personal initiative round, all of the rules of the AD&D game are used, including speed factors for weapons and casting time for spells. For higher level characters who can attack more than once per round with a given weapon, the speed factor of the weapon determines when exactly in the six second round the attacks will occur.

Speed Factors are numbers between 1 and 10 (indicating 1/10 of a round and 10/10ths of a round respectively for a character that can attack once per round with a weapon).

Casting Times for priests and wizards are exactly the same as speed factors of weapons - the casting times are between 1 and 10 and represent how quickly a mage or priest can release a spell (the lower the number, the faster the cast, just as for speed factors).

Initiative is determined by a combination of ability, situation and chance. In Baldur's Gate II initiative is used as a random variation on how quickly characters can initiate their attacks or spells. It adjusts the speed factor of a spell or weapon slightly.

Armor Class (AC) is the protective rating of a type of armor. Armor provides protection by reducing the chance that a character is attacked successfully (and suffers damage). Armor does not absorb damage, it prevents it. A fighter in full plate mail may be a slow-moving target, but penetrating his armor to cause any damage is no small task. Armor Class is measured on a scale from 10, the worst (no armor), to less than zero. The lower the number, the better (armor classes less than -10 occur only with very powerful magical armors). Shields and helmets can also improve the AC of a character. Abilities and situations can also affect a character's Armor Class. High Dexterity gives a bonus to Armor Class, for example.

THAC0 is an acronym for "To Hit Armor Class 0." This is the num ber a character, NPC, or monster needs to attack an Armor Class 0 target successfully THAC0 depends on a character's class and level. The THAC0 number can be used to calculate the number needed to hit any Armor Class.

At the heart of the combat system is the Attack Roll, the die roll that determines whether an attack succeeds or fails. The number a player needs in order to make a successful attack roll is also called the "to hit" number, which is determined by the computer by taking a character's THAC0 and adjusting according to the Armor Class of the target. Attack rolls are used for attacks with swords, bows, rocks and other weapons, as well as blows from fists and other hand-to-hand attacks. In Baldur's Gate II the "to hit" roll is done behind the scenes for you - if your character is successful, he hits - if not, he swings and misses.

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