Player Permissions

Although both the leader and the other players in the session can view permissions on the Permissions screen, only players who have been assigned leadership privileges are able to modify permissions. The leader can assign these permissions to any players that he chooses. The permissions represent what players are able to do in the game.

The permissions provided are:

the ability to modify characters the ability to initiate dialogue the ability to spend party gold/purchase items the ability to view other character's records the ability to initiate an area transition the ability to pause the game the ability to modify permissions/remove players from the game (leadership permission)

Import Options: On the Permissions page the leader is able to set the options for importing by clicking on the "Import Options" button. This brings up a window with three settings: Stats only Stats and XP (i. e. experience points and levels), or Stats, XP, and Items. By choosing one of these settings the leader limits the types of characters that can be brought into the multiplayer session from the single player game or other multiplayer sessions.

Listen to Join Requests: Also on the Player Permissions page is a button, "Listen to Join Requests", which allows the leader to listen to requests to join the session or to turn off requests if there are enough players in the game. For example, the leader might only want to have one or two people in the game, so having people requesting to join could get annoying. An interesting facet of multiplayer is that the player creating the session can choose to play solo. The advantage of this is that all characters in the party can then be created from scratch. [Note: While we specifically included this option due to popular request, we actually recommend playing the game with NPC's turned characters in the party - they'll have more personality ]

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