Polymorph Self Alterationjh

Range: 0 Saving Throw: None

Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: The Caster

Duration: 1 turn + 3 rounds/level

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to assume the form of another creature. The caster also gains the physical mode of locomotion and breathing as well. This spell does not give the new form's other abilities such as special attacks and magic, nor does it run the risk of the wizard changing personality and mentality.

When the spell is cast, for the duration of the spell the caster may transform into any of the new forms at any time, and as many times as he wishes. The caster gains the natural attacks of the new form in some cases and may use weapons in others. The mental attributes of the wizard remain the same; however, all the physical attributes are attained from the new form. Also, any natural protections that the new form offer are conferred to the wizard, such as the resistance to missile and blunt weapons possessed by the slime form.

The possible forms given by polymorph self are:

  • 1) Gnoll: wields a magical halberd (+1 fire damage and strikes as an enchanted weapon +3)
  • 2) Mustard Jelly: capable of slowing opponents (if they fail a save when hit)
  • 3) Ogre: capable of causing massive damage with its fists
  • 4) Spider: causes poison damage when it hits an opponent

In addition, the caster may choose the form of brown bear, black bear or wolf.

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