Prismatic Spray Conjuration Summoning

Range: 20 yards Saving Throw: Special

Casting Time: 7 Area of Effect: 70-foot

Duration: Instant long cone

When this spell is cast, the wizard causes seven shimmering, multi-colored rays of light to flash from his hand. These include all colors of the visible spectrum; each ray has a different power and purpose. Any creature with fewer than 8 Hit Dice struck by a ray is blinded for 5 rounds, regardless of any other effect. Any creature that is caught within the area of effect will be touched by one or two of the rays. The effects of the rays are listed below.

Red - Inflicts 20 hit points of damage, save vs. spell for half Orange - Inflicts 40 hit points of damage, save. vs. spell for half Yellow - Inflicts 80 hit points of damage, save vs. spell for half Green - save vs. poison or die, if survive suffer 20 points of poison damage Blue - save vs. petrification or be turned to stone Indigo - save vs. wands or be feebleminded Violet - save vs. spell or be disintegrated

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